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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Misadventures: Flying and the wonders of QANTAS

There is something you should know about me......
I've had a bad history when it comes to flying because I'm disorganized and I've always opted for the cheaper option by flying Tiger Airways (flying domestic).
As a result, it has in turn costed me more time and money:
-I was late ten minutes to check in to my flight home, costing me $150 to book another airline home because the last flight to Sydney (with Tiger Airways) was at 7. I had to wait until 10 to fly home with Jetstar.
-A few days after booking my flight with Tiger Airways, I wanted to add check in luggage. It took me frustratingly 3 hours to get in contact with a phone representative to change the details of my flight and there was an additional cost. This was all because Tiger Airways does not allow you to manage your booking online.
So when I booked my flight with QANTAS recently, it was a breath of fresh air:
I had to book a flight from Melbourne to Sydney for 3 people. It was the last day of domestic flights sales, I was half awake from a long days work and attempting to book online when I had no glasses on. Fortunately unlike Tiger Airways, QANTAS gives you the option of paying with BPAY which doesn't cost any additional service fees. On the downside, I was waiting anxiously for 2 days for my payment to process and to receive my itinerary in an email. So you could just imagine the heart attack I got when I noticed that I had instead  booked a flight from Sydney to Melbourne! I tried to manage my booking on the QANTAS website but the only option it didn't have was to change the flight destinations. I grabbed the phone to call and it only took me 10 minutes max to get hold of them. QANTAS' policy is that any changes made to your flight over the 24 hour period is FREE of charge. So even though it should have costed me an extra $44 per person to change my flights (since it had costed more to fly from Melbourne to Sydney), I didn't have to pay a single cent! :D Not to mention the phone representative was pleasant to talk to despite the inconvenience I had caused.
So what I learnt from this whole ordeal is that if you're as bad as I am at flying, you should probably book with a reputable Airline like QANTAS. It will most likely save you more time and money. ;)

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