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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Food adventures: Mizuya Japanese restaurant and KAREOKE

I was supposed to blog about this ages ago but I found myself hesitating because I have extremely bad photos to share which doesn't do this place justice. Once you're inside, you're fighting over the mics to sing as many songs as possible, so I lost focus and took really bad photos :(. I decided to post because now is probably the best time to share with you my recent experience...
Mizuya has just updated their songs so you can have more music to sing...Yay! Mizuya has changed their microphones to improve your kareoke experience!!!Before, some of the microphones were taped up and faulty. So now is better than any other time to check it out!

Location: Basement, 614 George St, Sydney: Located in the most convenient location, right opposite Event Cinemas, it's a hard one to miss. I come to this place religiously because you get the best kareoke (and food) experience in Sydney, I dare say the best kareoke experience in Australia.
You order your food via touchscreen which is very convenient.
Price wise: Is very cheap if you come around 11:30AM-5:30PM. You get $20 Minimum food and Beverage spend + 2 hours of kareoke.
 To get the best deal you should come around lunch time because they offer lunch deals for only $9.80! This gives you extra cash to spend on drinks or my favourite dessert: Oreo parfait!!!! In the lunch deal you get a main (from a variety of options), miso soup and your own choice of  rice or udon.
Above photo: Chicken Karaage lunch set

Above photo: Sushi (salmon) lunch set

Above photo:test tube shots
My opinion is that Mizuya specializes in its deep fried food varieties especially potato mochi!!! So if you're you're on a diet...unfortunately you'll be missing out :(.

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