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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Favorite mascara: Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on

I don't tend to opt for black mascaras. This is because of my eye shape (getting panda eyes is unavoidable for me) unless I use a really good waterproof/smudge-proof mascara.
I was convinced to purchase this product when I was researching that Japanese mascaras were the best.
I chose Majolica Majorca because this brand is connected to Shiseido and it has really cute packaging :).

I was at first hesitant of the shape of the brush as from past experiences odd shaped brushes=disaster and marketing scam. With a little bit of practice as well as trial and error, I came to love this brush shape. It gives you volume and length without looking clumpy. My favorite way to apply mascara was the card trick but I find this brush is so effective that I don't even need to use the trick anymore.
The mascara's formula compliments the brush. 
It has great holding power- If you want a more natural finish you can just dot the mascara close to the lash line for it to hold the curls. It lasts the entire day.
It's the best smudge-proof mascara I have tried so far- It's not a miracle worker as I still need to swipe underneath my eye but I find the time gap is significantly longer. I can wear this for a few hours without needing to go to a mirror to check. I am happy to repurchase this product in black :)
The formula is very waterproof- You'll need a good make-up remover. Some people complain about it's lasting power but for me that's a good thing as I never touch up on mascara throughout the day. 
The formula is build-able- With all mascaras you will need practice to get used to it but this formula is very build-able. You can add on layers to give both volume and length.

At the time the Aussie dollar was high so I purchased it for around $16 (price of shipping included) on ebay. Now it's around $17.50. 

Verdict-This mascara is superior than both high end  and average mascaras. The price is reasonable considering that you're getting it at half the price of a high end mascara. It's not the cheapest price considering that decent mascaras can be purchased for around $10 but the quality is what makes it worth the extra dollars. I'm definitely going to repurchase this product.    

Note: Before I use mascara, I curl them with Shiseido's eyelash curler. For those I who don't curl their lashes before applying mascara I highly recommend it. Check out my other blog for more details: http://supercrownjulz.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/the-secret-to-fake-looking-lashes.html

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