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Monday, 13 May 2013

Best make-up base: Tony Moly triple expert BB cream

I received this product as a gift back in 2011 because I was obsessed with using BB creams to replace my foundation routine. I initially hated this product. The packaging was plain, the product looked too white for my skin, the consistency was very thick and hard to spread out and because of that, I was afraid that it would leave my face looking like an oiled up cake face.
 Fast forward to 2013...I was desperately looking for a product that would cover the redness on my face. I was originally searching for a green make up base but then I remembered that BB creams were great for that as well. So instead of wasting more time and money, I hesitantly grabbed the Tony Moly triple expert BB cream from my make-up collection.
Now I love it!!! It did exactly what I wanted and more. It is a great make-up base/primer for those with medium/medium dark skin tones and it could probably replace foundation for those with light skin tones. When you initially apply it, you may feel like you look like a ghost but trust me, it does oxidize after application.
Great Coverage-Covers redness and dark circles underneath eyes
Long lasting-maximizes wear of foundation and concealer
Mattifying-People with extremely oily/combination skin will LOVE it. I dare you to go without blotting paper with this product. It works wonders.
Gives a flawless finish-People with dry/uneven skin texture will LOVE it. Foundation and concealer never looked this good before!
Has SPF 45 PA +++- Oily skinned people like me cannot believe that a mattifying product like this has high sun protection. We all know sun protection is the best Anti-ageing product out there.

Directions for use:
A little goes a long way. Only use one pump if you plan to use it was a primer.
It is best applied with a foundation brush because it sets fast and is thick in consistency.
Pat your entire face after application with your hands to warm the product into your skin.
Optional:For medium.medium dark skin tones: Add your normal foundation on top
Optional: For extremely bad scars or acne: Add concealer on top
Set the look with a translucent powder. This is essential to get all the benefits of this product. The big mistake people like myself make with this product is that they did not use translucent powder to finish the look.

You'll find this on ebay around $20 (price is with shipping included). Completely worth the price as you will no longer be needing to purchase facial sunscreen, blotting paper and concealer as much as you used to.

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  1. Great idea for using it as a base! I usually prefer to use this bb cream in the winter time but it's good to know that it would be good for oil control even in the summer time! Awesome review, keep on blogging! :D