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Friday, 17 May 2013

Food adventures: Menya Mappen CBD Sydney

In a typical life of a student : I was searching for a good cheap restaurant in Sydney's CBD to plan a dinner date with two friends. Alas, I found Menya Mappen. The photos from various blogs had me frothing so I was determined to try it out.
Located next to Event cinema, it is open from 11:30am to 10pm.
Notes before you enter:
  •  It's cash only-there's plenty of ATM's around especially in Event cinema.
  • Check out the menu and make a decision of what dish you're having. There is a Menu outside, stuck on their window. Otherwise, you'll hold the queue up and we all know that hungry people, are grumpy people ;).
  • The seating arrangements are limited. So I would not recommend this for large groups. 
It's a self serve food bar:
  1. Grab your drink- there's a fridge full of drinks or you can select from matcha or black sesame (new flavor) frappe/slushie (it was extremely tempting but I gave it a miss). You could also grab free water at the tap ;)
  2. Order your noodle/rice dish-you'll also need to grab a tray and a ceramic dish to add on toppings
  3. Add toppings-you have a variety of fried food, pickled vegetables and dessert as well
  4. Pay at the counter :D
The challenge now is finding a seat:  We were there at around 8pm on a Wednesday night and it was at full capacity. I cannot imagine what it would be like earlier or on busier days. Surprisingly, we didn't wait for long at all, 2 minutes and we managed to grab a decent spot facing the movie posters.
We all managed to spend under $8 

Food was great! Udon was made just that way I like it. Sweet and savory complimented each other without overpowering each other. The sides tasted yummy as well :D. Overall there was nothing to complain about, I was satisfied with the taste.

The only problem was the seating arrangement. I would say it is the equivalent to a food court experience rather than a restaurant (but then again people classify McDonalds as a restaurant). If you pay a few more dollars you can dine at Hana Hana in Liverpool Street just a short walk away is a lot better in my opinion. (I'll post the next time I make a trip there).   

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